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of Nutrition, Fitness, and Faith

By:Amanda Evans



About Me

"I believe that everyone should have a daily portion of food that will sustain and nourish them. After all we are only promised today, we should give our body what it needs to be healthy and well."

I have been in the fitness world for over 8+ years and I was like most of us, I tried every new trendy diet. I have tried Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, Carb Cycling, and without fail I lost a little along the way but couldn’t sustain the “requirements” of the diet to stay successful. What I desire is to teach YOU how to keep a sustainable lifestyle that includes balanced and proper nutrition.


I became passionate about nutrition about 4+ years ago and decided to try flexible dieting, Macro counting. I quickly learned that this whole past years of dieting I was severely under eating for my daily activity and my ratios were way off. I was not eating adequate protein (even though I thought I was) and was eating so much fat and carbohydrates (even though it was the healthy kind). Ahhh.. You can see how it becomes confusing for someone! Once I balanced out the ratio of protein, carbs, and fat, the puffiness disappeared and I became lean for the first time in a long time. After a few years of successfully doing macros I started coaching others. Within the past year I completed IN3 Nutrition Coaching certification that has deepened my knowledge and approach for helping my clients.


Present day, I am constantly seeking more knowledge to better my coaching and my own lifestyle. The more I know the better opportunity I can help someone else. I am excited that you are here because you are about to find something that can work for the rest of your life. It's sustainable... let's figure out your daily portion today!


Michael says,

"Over the past few months of counting macros, I have noticed a significant improvement in overall energy.  My sleep has improved and I no longer feel groggy after a day of work.  My performance in the gym has improved as I've gotten stronger and lost fat.  I'm also recovering much better after tough workouts.  If you're looking for a new lifestyle and not just another fad diet, Amanda can help you reach your goals.  She is the best!


Wes, says...

In April of 2018 Amanda began working with a 300 lbs me on a Macros diet. She gave me a road map for success. It was all up to me to follow that map, but now I finally knew the do's, don'ts, and sometime's. There are so many misconceptions out there and so many mistruths that lead us astray! Having a coach who cares, holds you accountable, and pushes you to try harder was one of the main components to improving my lifestyle change. New Years resolutions are a misnomer. It may may take more time and it hopefully will continue for life. On 3/5/19 at 250.3 lbs, I can tell you, the world wants quick results and responses, but persistence and patience is the answer!


Cameron says, 

Macro training has helped me to be stronger and faster and I've seen my abs for the first time in my life! That was something I was beginning to think I would never see! It can be a tough journey but macros work!


I'm abs obsessed. :)

What are Macros

What are macros? 

Macros really mean macronutritents... that consist of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This are majority of what our food is made of... also equally important are our Micronutritents... are vitamins and minerals.  In order for performance, weight loss, and/or health to be optimized you will have to pay attention to the QUALITY and QUANTITY of your macros and micros. I will guide you on how much to eat and educate you along the way!

How does my daily portion work?

Each and every week you will have daily targets of Macros, Sleep, and Water. These targets are made by me in efforts of reaching your goal(s). You will be educated on my plan for you. You will be held accountable for weighing, measuring, and logging your intake. You must report your check in sheet each week, so that I can offer feedback and new goals for the upcoming week. You will have access to me and questions 24/7 by via text/phone/email. 

Taking Picture of Food


Get started


On the Scales

Fat loss & Aesthetics

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Colorful Weights


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Drinking Water

Longevity & health

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I need to lose weight. It is my only concern. I am willing to be consistent and disciplined to see my goal.

I want to be stronger, and faster, and better at my sport. I have a race or a competition I want to crush!

I want to get off all my medicine. I want to learn how to be healthy for the first time in my life. I am willing to change my habits! 

Step 1: To Write down and figure out your WHY? What is your goal and why.

Step 2: Choose to START NOW.. choose to be ready now.

Step 3: Submit Payment

Step 4: Fill out Intake Questionnaire

Step 5: Food log for 3-4 days/ write down everything you eat

Step 6: MEET WITH ME, schedule an appointment. We will discuss your goals, your intake form, your food log, my plan for your success, and the details of the program. 

Step 7: You start your JOURNEY and crush life! 

What's the processs?
@ Sprouts

Shopping suggestions:

lean beef strip for stir fry

grassfed beef

beef eye of round

hot italian sausage

sweet italian sausage

chicken thigh

veggies/produce on sale

*Organic sweet potatoes

*Organic Broccolini

*Organic asparagus


Kite Hill prouducts

vital farm eggs

sprouts egg whites

organic jasmine rice


elizabeth's granola

salsa and spices

brown rice tortillas

gluten free bread

broccoli sprouts

alexis hashbrowns


cowboy seasoning

Primal foods BbQ sauce

@ Trader Joe's

Shopping Suggestions:

Green goddess dressing

tuscan kale

chopped brussel sprouts

organic sweet potatoes

organic sliced apples

Sweet Bell Peppers Organic

sweet potato gnocchi

cauliflower gnocchi

superfood pilaf frozen

chicken burgers/tuna burgers

unsweetened vanilla almond milk

unami seasoning

Everything but the bagel seasoning

coconut oil spray

evoo spray

@ Costco:

ground bison

jones canadaian bacon

columbus turkey bacon

kerrygold butter

amylo chicken sausage

birchbenders paleo mix

frozen berries

perfect bars

cox's wild caught shrimp

other wild caught fish

regular bacon if desired

@ Whole Foods: 

Shampoo & Conditioner


Makeup if desired

Highest quality fish

lunch bar/dinner bar!

Contact Me

Contact Me


Germantown TN 38138

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